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Frequently Asked Questions- Wescott Investigative Services for your professional and individual needs.


Many people have never hired a Private Investigator before and wonder what to expect. One of the most important aspects is trust. You must feel comfortable and believe your investigator will approach your matter with the utmost effort and confidentially. Don't be afraid to ask questions before you hire a Private Investigator.

-Is it expensive to hire a Private Investigator and how do I choose the best "PI" for my situation?

Prices vary from an hourly rate to a flat rate depending on the type of investigation or civil service you are requesting. Please keep in mind that when you hire a Private Investigator from Wescott Investigative Services, you're hiring someone who has years of skilled investigative experience and is licensed by the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, to conduct and manage private investigations.

-I have been arrested and accused of a crime. Can a Private Investigator help?

Yes. Working with your attorney the Private Investigator can interview witnesses and help uncover the whole story and protect your rights.

-Can a Private Investigator conduct surveillances on anyone and is it legal?

Absolutely, surveillance is something we do all the time. There are really very few limitations except for placing recording devices where people have an expectation of privacy. People should understand a simple issue. If you do things in public, or which can be "viewed" by the public, it is generally something which a Private Investigator can use to develop information on the person under surveillance.

-Would you recommend a private citizen try to do surveillance on their own?

No. Surveillance requires training and experience. Liability issues may arise if something goes wrong. If knowing someone's activity is important, hire a professional.

-When should I consider requesting a background check from a Private Investigator?

It has been our experience over the years that if the situation is important enough to affect your personal, business, or financial future, strong consideration should be given to a background check. This is especially important if you have a "gut" feeling something is wrong or the person is not always open regarding past activities or issues. In today's world we often don't trust our instincts enough however, they are usually very accurate!

-Can a Private Investigator help me locate people and/or investigate associations people have with one another?

Yes. In life we lose contact with people or someone goes missing. A Private Investigator will conduct an investigation, search public records and other sources throughout the United States and find a person's current location. You can reestablish contact and locate those who are missing.

In the United States, who we associate with is considered private. However, when those relations have a damaging effect on our family or business, we have the right to know the truth. A Private Investigator can help uncover the truth.


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