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When you need specific information about an individual or business, you can trust Wescott Investigative Services to get the information you need.

Background Checks

Relationships, whether they are personal or professional, are all based on a certain level of trust. Trust is usually earned over time. With our busy schedules many times we “hope” that our trust will not be taken advantage of.

In today's world, there are people we simply cannot trust. Before you embark on a very important relationship, find out if the other party has anything in their past that you should know about. Gathering crucial information is not intrusive, it is just plain smart.

Wescott Investigative Services can provide the following background information:

  • Criminal records
  • Credit history
  • Business ownership
  • Property ownership
  • Relatives and neighbors
  • Past and current addresses
  • Tax status and liens
  • Driving record
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